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Polyurethane Material Performance

In the early days of polyurethane exploitation the technology was usually practised by urethane specialists and avoided, if possible, by others or only applied in its simplest of forms. Today it is necessary for many development and production personnel to be able to 'practise' polyurethane elastomer technology with a good understanding of the chemical,physical and engineering design factors that must be combined for successful product manufacture and application. Information on polyurethane elastomers is widely available in the scientific press but scattered and diffuse through its dissemination in a multitude of journals and specialist books.

The aim of this monogram has been to distil into a single volume the essentials of this often complex polyurethane technology in a form that is usable by all technical and semi-technical people who wish to become their own polyurethane elastomer experts. In particular the chapter on reaction injection moulding has been designed for use by both non-chemists and chemists.